Engagement Models

Altus Technologies Pvt ltd offers different engagement and conveyance models to address fluctuated issues of its customers over the globe which guarantees their upper hands in a changing commercial center. Altus Technologies Pvt ltd will work with you as indicated by your necessities and prerequisites in a period bound, venture based engagement show. Customers can browse the models offered in light of the size, many-sided quality and conveyance necessities of the task. We can likewise introduce you altered models in light of your prerequisites, since we are adaptable.

Settled Price Model

Altus Technologies Pvt ltd takes after a Fixed Price Model for the ventures that are particularly characterized regarding their necessities, calendars, and undertaking way. Undertakings with very much characterized degree, determination and usage design can be executed on settled time with settled costs.

On the premise of the venture subtle elements estimation for the task and engagement is finished. This model is reasonable for little or moderate size tasks. Under this model, we work with our customer to characterize the required yield at commonly concurred settled cost in view of endeavors included.

Our answers give a gauge on the time and cost of the task to the customer. Once the two gatherings are persuaded about the affiliation, We can begin off promptly. Any alterations or improvements are provisioned and overseen through Change Management Process. The cost or installment relies upon the task estimate. Some installment is made ahead of time, some at the conveyance of the task, and staying after client level testing and acknowledgment.

For huge undertakings, the assignments determined are separated into modules known as turning points. The installment is made according to point of reference and the time required to finish every turning point

Time and Material Model

We take after time and material model for the activities where degree, particulars, and usage designs are not plainly characterized at the underlying phase of its improvement. It gives the adaptability to deal with the group size and aggregate endeavors.

In such cases the exertion estimation isn't conceivable at the start and charging is done on the premise of asset usage organization. A specific rate is related with every asset sort contingent upon their range of abilities, experience and part in the task. This model takes after a strict undertaking administration and announcing hones where errand sheets are created on an every day/week after week reason for every individual chipping away at the task.

To get the Time and Material Model, the customer needs to determine the errand and timeframe for the venture. In view of this, we determine the rates (hourly expense) charged for the endeavors of the assets to the customer. Once the customer is happy with our rates, we sign an agreement with him. The cost of the undertaking relies upon the group estimate and the endeavors of each colleague. The installment for the gave endeavors is normally made on the premise of month to month or every other week receipt issued to the customer relying upon the exertion reports.

Overseen Delivery Model

Altus Technologies Pvt ltd doles out low maintenance/Full time venture administrator to the customer seaward group as a piece of engagement and Project Manager is in charge of conveyance and overseeing of Project. Task Manager reports to customer with advance refresh on day by day and week after week premise.

Committed Resource Model

We give a commit asset to the customer, who goes about as his virtual worker. At the point when the customer has the necessity for a group, we offer him a committed group. This group is constantly accessible for his undertaking even at a short notice. The seaward group works at the specialist co-op's site in a protected and separate condition. Altus Technologies Pvt ltd Technologies has a demonstrated reputation of conveying these administrations to customers; utilizing its Managed Offshore Development Center (MODC) conveyance display. The cost or installment is made on month to month premise and ahead of time month. In this manner, this model is otherwise called month to month display.