Business Software Development

We specialise in complex and critical financial application development.

Our solutions cater for individual business models as each business is unique and has its own operational style and approach. We aim to introduce new efficiencies into each business by utilising the latest information technology techniques.

Altus Technologies Pvt ltd domain knowledge across wide range of industries like manufacturing, health, finance, services, accounting, transport, media, government, real estate, ecommerce etc has always added value to our clients’ business processes. Altus Technologies Pvt ltd services cover all stages of development, from conception to implementation and support. We specialise in complex and critical financial application development, CRM software development, workflow solutions, data management systems, business application development, Content Management Systems, ecommerce, e-marketing systems, data warehousing and reporting.

Altus Technologies Pvt ltd spends considerable effort in keeping up with the latest trends and knowledge, in order to provide leadership and thoughtful information technology advice. Intergy has helped many clients in their successful transformation of legacy applications to modern, stable and technically rich applications using the latest technologies, frameworks and tools. We will attentively ensure that your valuable business data is fully and accurately migrated to the new system.